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Ember's wish to be a K9 police officer

Ember's Wish to Be a K9 Police Officer

  • Ember , 8

    • cystic fibrosis
    • I wish to be...a K9 police officer
  • I wish to be
Dariush's wish to meet the Washington Capitals

Dariush's Wish to Meet the Washington Capitals

  • Dariush , 11

    • leukemia
    • I wish to meet...the Washington Capitals
  • I wish to meet
Leo's wish to have a Halloween-themed 10th birthday party

Leo's Wish to Have a Halloween-Themed 10th Birthday Party

  • Leo , 10

    • neurological disorder
    • I wish to have...a Halloween-themed 10th birthday party
  • I wish to have
Dwayne's wish to have a boxer puppy

DJ's Wish to Have a Boxer Puppy

  • DJ , 13

    • neurological disorder
    • I wish to have...a boxer puppy
  • I wish to have
Colton's wish to have a camper

Colton's Wish to Have a Camper

Alex's Pokemon Go Wish

Alex's Pokemon Go Wish

  • Alex , 7

    • leukemia
    • I wish to have...a real-life Pokemon Go adventure
  • I wish to have
Essence's wish to have a princess-themed dance party

Essence's Wish to Have a Princess-Themed Dance Party

  • Essence , 8

    • respiratory disorder
    • I wish to have...a princess-themed dance party
  • I wish to have
Yehuda's wish to have a shopping spree

Yehuda's Wish to Have a Shopping Spree

  • Yehuda , 17

    • hodgkin's lymphoma
    • I wish to have...a shopping spree
  • I wish to have
Elizabeth's wish to be a zookeeper

Elizabeth's Wish to Be a Zookeeper

  • Elizabeth , 9

    • leukemia
    • I wish to be...a zookeeper
  • I wish to be
Christian's wish to go to NYC

Christian's Wish to Go to New York City

  • Christian , 13

    • leukemia
    • I wish to New York City
  • I wish to go
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