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35 Years of Wishes

Ann's wish to go to LEGOLand in California

Ann's Wish to Go to LEGOLand in California

  • Ann , 14

    • hodgkin's lymphoma
    • I wish to LEGOLand in California
  • I wish to go

Jared's wish to go to Finland to see the Northern Lights

Jared's Wish to Go to Finland to See the Northern Lights

  • Jared

    • cancer
    • I wish to Finland to see the Northern Lights
  • I wish to go

Angelina's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort

Angelina's Wish to Go to Walt Disney World® Resort

  • Angelina , 10

    • cystic fibrosis
    • I wish to Walt Disney World® Resort
  • I wish to go

Charlie's wish to have an adaptive bike

Charlie's Wish to Have an Adaptive Bike

  • Charlie , 11

    • uncontrolled seizure disorder
    • I wish to adaptive bike
  • I wish to have

Amani's wish to have a shopping spree

Amani's Wish to Have a Shopping Spree

  • Amani , 16

    • digestive system disorder
    • I wish to have...a shopping spree
  • I wish to have

Lucas' wish to go to Thailand

Lucas' Wish to Go to Thailand

  • Lucas , 11

    • progressive muscle disease
    • I wish to Thailand
  • I wish to go

Brock's wish to go to Egypt

Brock's Wish to Go to Egypt

Kaheem 312x214

Kaheem's Superhero Wish

London's wish to have a playroom

London's Wish to Have a Playroom

Lily's wish to have an indoor playground

Lily's Wish to Have an Indoor Playground

  • Lily , 7

    • cardiac condition
    • I wish to indoor playground
  • I wish to have

Elijah's wish to go on an African safari

Elijah's Wish to Go on an African Safari

  • Elijah , 8

    • brain cancer
    • I wish to go...on an African safari
  • I wish to go

Daequan's wish to go to the beach in an RV

Daequan's Wish to Go to the Beach in an RV

  • Daequan , 14

    • digestive system disorder
    • I wish to the beach in an RV
  • I wish to go
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