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I wish to go

Christian's wish to go to NYC

Christian's Wish to Go to New York City

  • Christian , 13

    • leukemia
    • I wish to New York City
  • I wish to go
Teneisha's wish to go to Paris

Teneisha's Wish to Go to Paris

  • Teneisha , 18

    • bone cancer
    • I wish to Paris
  • I wish to go
Alexyss' wish to go to an over-water bungalow

Alexyss' Wish to Go to an Over-Water Bungalow

  • Alexyss , 17

    • cancer
    • I wish to a tropical destination & stay in an over-water bungalow
  • I wish to go
TJ's wish to go to the NFL draft & announce the Ravens' first-round pick

TJ's Wish to Go to the NFL Draft & Announce the Ravens' First-Round Pick

  • TJ , 14

    • cancer
    • I wish to the NFL draft & announce the Baltimore Ravens' first-round pick
  • I wish to go
Trey's wish to go on a cruise to the Caribbean

Trey's Wish to Go on a Cruise to the Caribbean

  • Trey , 15

    • Leukemia
    • I wish to go...on a cruise to the Caribbean
  • I wish to go
Ann's wish to go to LEGOLand in California

Ann's Wish to Go to LEGOLand in California

  • Ann , 14

    • hodgkin's lymphoma
    • I wish to LEGOLand in California
  • I wish to go
Jared's wish to go to Finland to see the Northern Lights

Jared's Wish to Go to Finland to See the Northern Lights

  • Jared

    • cancer
    • I wish to Finland to see the Northern Lights
  • I wish to go
Angelina's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort

Angelina's Wish to Go to Walt Disney World® Resort

  • Angelina , 10

    • cystic fibrosis
    • I wish to Walt Disney World® Resort
  • I wish to go
Lucas' wish to go to Thailand

Lucas' Wish to Go to Thailand

  • Lucas , 11

    • progressive muscle disease
    • I wish to Thailand
  • I wish to go
Brock's wish to go to Egypt

Brock's Wish to Go to Egypt

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