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Kian's wish to go on a dinosaur dig!

Dinosaur dig

“ It was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. ”

  • Kian , 9

    • cystic fibrosis
    • I wish to go on a dinosaur dig
  • I wish to go

As an adventurous 9-year-old, Kian from Frederick, MD, loves to be outdoors and explore with his family. His favorite game is Fortnite, which inspires his passion for building things and working with his hands. While battling cystic fibrosis, he found out Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic would be granting his one true wish. As an expert builder and lover of dinosaurs, Kian didn’t hesitate to wish to go on a dinosaur dig!

Kian and his family traveled to South Dakota for his very own dig day. He met paleontologists who taught both Kian and his brother Liam how to search for dinosaur bones. Kian even found a raptor tooth, a unique find for any paleontologist! Kian was thrilled with his “treasure,” and he loved seeing the landscape and various skeletons involved in the excavation process. Kian and his family also loved visiting Mount Rushmore National Memorial, where animals came directly up to the car, making it the perfect rainy day activity. Kian also discovered an alpine slide, which he slid down numerous times fearlessly!

During a family hike, a group of nearby people saw Kian holding his wish kid sign and started to cheer for him. Kian’s mother said this moment brought her to tears, seeing the community honor her son as a hero. Everywhere the family went, people were excited and supportive of Kian and his wish experience. His wish not only affected his family and loved ones at home in Maryland, but the sense of community spread all the way to South Dakota and engaged everyone in this life-changing trip.

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