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Morgan's wish to have a play set

Morgan's play set

“ As she continues to grow and change, her play set can be adjusted to grow with her. ”

Morgan’s Wish For A Safe Place To Play For Fun All Day!

Morgan, a curly-topped nine-year-old from Greenwood, Delaware  loves the same things most kids her age do: watching Dora the Explorer, reading books, going to the beach and most of all - going outside. Since Morgan would choose outdoor play over just about anything else, her parents knew how much she would love a playground of her own, where she and her two siblings could explore and play any time they like. Thanks to Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic, Morgan’s wish came true.
The Make-A-Wish team worked closely with Morgan’s parents to find the perfect play set for her, taking into consideration both her physical limitations and the things they knew she loved to do. A rainbow-topped “castle” serves as the focal point of Morgan’s new playground. Three swings – one for each of the family’s children – as well as a big yellow slide, climbing wall and ladders, complete the package. Morgan’s swing was selected especially for her to provide a comfortable, secure way to experience her love of rides, while giving her the support she needs. The playground is a source of endless fun for all of the children, and Morgan specifically, enabling them to exhaust their boundless energy and play together as a family. Morgan’s parents say she absolutely loves her new play set and is delighted to ride the swings and climb the ladders by herself.
While the play set was naturally the most exciting part for Morgan, her parents also love the fact that the entire play area is landscaped with a red cedar border and filled with cocoa brown rubber mulch.  This high-quality mulch ensures the children’s safety as they play. The rubber mulch is also made from recycled tires, which makes it environmentally friendly to boot!
What makes Morgan’s wish so perfect for her is that as she continues to grow and change, her play set can be adjusted to grow with her. Morgan, along with her siblings and friends, will be able to enjoy their backyard and play outdoors together for many years to come.

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