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May 14, 2014

5-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Gets Wish to Roar

Good Morning America

After beating cancer, a 5-year-old from Alexandria, Va., recently celebrated her victory with Make-A-Wish, when the foundation granted her wish to film an homage to the Katy Perry video for the song "Roar."

May 14, 2014

Watch The Amazing Music Video This 5-Year-Old Made After Beating Cancer


The Make-A-Wish Foundation helped turn Addy’s dream into a reality by letting her star in her very own music video to Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Make-A-Wish says that Addy has beaten cancer and is celebrating with her new music video.

May 14, 2014

Make-A-Wish Creates Katy Perry Music Video for Five-Year-Old Girl


Addy, a girl diagnosed with stage IV cancer, asked the foundation to be turned into a pop star -- specifically, Katy Perry. Her wish included starring in a music video for "Roar," the hit anthem off of the pop singer's Prism album. The foundation notes that the track helped Addy to stay strong and positive during her medical treatments.

May 14, 2014

Five-Year-Old Cancer Patient Addy Channels Katy Perry Through Make-A-Wish

US Weekly

The charity helped Addy film her own music video to Perry's 2013 empowerment anthem "Roar." The little girl, who was diagnosed with stage IV cancer at the age of 4, said the lyrics to "Roar" inspired her while she was undergoing treatment to fight the illness.

May 14, 2014

Cancer patient Addy channels her inner Katy Perry

USA Today

Battling cancer takes more than just medicine. It requires inner strength, too. Addy, a 5-year-old girl diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, finds inspiration through Katy Perry, specifically, her song Roar.

May 14, 2014

Make-A-Wish Turns Little Girl into the Fabulous Katy Perry

Perez Hilton

When it comes to making a sick child's dreams come to life, Make-A-Wish goes all out! Just like with Addy, a young girl with stage IV cancer, who wanted nothing more than to be a pop star.

May 14, 2014

Make-A-Wish Turns Little Girl into Katy Perry

Marie Claire

A five-year-old girl named Addy recently asked Make-A-Wish to turn her into a pop star like Katy Perry, and they delivered with what must be the sweetest, most happy-cry-inducing music video of all time. Addy, who was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, specifically asked that her video be set to "Roar," because the song had helped lift her spirits during her treatments. The video is extremely cute, but as mentioned will probably make you cry, so proceed with tissues.

May 14, 2014

Five-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Stars in Her Own Katy Perry Music Video


Five-year-old Addy, who was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer last year, got to fulfill her dream of becoming a pop star with her own Katy Perry-inspired music video. Now in remission, Addy would spend time during her hospital visits practicing her singing and dancing, according to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who helped put the video together.

Feb 08, 2014

ABC2 to host Wishes in Flight Telethon


ABC2 and Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic will hold a two day telethon on Feb. 10 and 12. Callers can donate their frequent flier miles. These donated miles go towards helping to grant the wishes of children who wish to travel.

Feb 06, 2014

You Hold the Ticket to a Child's Wish - Ian's Wish Feature


Ian's wish is just one of the nearly 70% of local wishes that involve travel. On Feb. 10 and 12 at 5 and 6p.m. ABC2 hosts Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic's Wishes in Flight Telethon in an effort to receive donated frequent flyer miles.

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