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Elijah's wish to have a tree house

Elijah's wish to have a tree house

“ The tree house has given Elijah a safe space where he can play and just be a kid. ”

Like many kids his age, 10-year-old Elijah likes to run, climb, swing and play outside. He loves to play on playgrounds and ride bikes with his brothers and friends. Elijah’s childhood changed drastically when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Elijah spent so much time in the hospital for different treatments that he no longer had the opportunity to play outside as much as he wanted. When Elijah learned that Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic would be granting his one true wish, he wished to have his very own tree house so that he could have a safe space where he could play and just be a kid.

When Elijah’s wish was granted, members of his family united to celebrate the new space. Elijah was so excited to cut the ribbon and officially declare the opening of the tree house. He and his brothers immediately began to explore, and Elijah was thrilled to discover that the tree house came equipped with library shelves, outlets, benches and a flag on top with the letter “E!” The tree house serves as Elijah’s own space where he can not only run, climb and play, but also read books and do science experiments.

After Elijah’s wish was granted, his mom reported that Elijah repeatedly acknowledges how lucky he is to have his own tree house. He and his brothers even play in the tree house in the snow! Elijah’s family is elated that Elijah can now spend his time doing what he loves in a meaningful environment that was built just for him.

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