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“ Eli's wish will provide memories for generations to come ”

Eli , 4


I wish to have a custom tree house

Give Wishes Wings
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  • No other candidate for Office of President can offer this nation the option for new economic growth and industrial expansion. There are many issues which must be addressed and that have been disregarded or overlooked by all previous Administrations. We can not allow this to continue... I am the only one who can lead Congress towards new infrastructure investments which will lead to new competitive commerce markets and alternative forms of transportation in the U.S. as it applies to land, air, sea, and space... We need a storm of Independent voters surging the election polls in 2016.. You can start now by getting involved in a coalition network to address the issues... We need a 3rd Party Amend. to the U.S. Constitution.. You should also take this matter up with your state legislators to Amend your State Constitution as well... Help me in my fight to move this country forward in 2017.... Open the gates, give me a platform and I will be your American Pharaoh in the next election... I hope you will join me in my fight to move this country forward in 2017. Join me at the polls in 2016 and vote Independent... Time for a new team, a new voice in politics, a new leadership and a new direction for this country to take in 2017....unless you are all about supporting censorship at the polls too? Just keeping you informed concerning the world of music, entertainment and politics... Nazism & Censorship by media is still taking place in America... It is affecting the outcome of elections and it is going to affect the future of this country after the 2016 campaign year. Various artists represent country and rock music, but not all radio stations represent the U.S Constitution or citizens right to Free Speech... Nazism and Censorship in America:. Hi, everyone, I just received a message that NASH 99.1 is censoring my information and posts.. NASH FM 99.1 commented on your photo. NASH FM 99.1 June 1 at 5:35pm Your posts are being restricted from our page. You are going about this all wrong. Thank you. When referring to Nazism, we have to remember that WW2 started as a result of radio manipulation and propaganda by the media. The stranglehold that American Media has on politics in this country is supported by corporate corruption including, but not limited to Ceo's, Pac's and the crippling two party line agenda's which are threatening America's future... While others who do not support those agenda's are refused acknowledgment and access... If it were not true, I would have been recognized as a candidate for Office of President in 1995-96 when I turned 35 years of age, yet I was given no access in the State of Michigan... Pegasus Technologies Ltd. of Opelika, Alabama founder William Bowhall is running as the 3rd Party (nontraditional) Independent candidate for the#OvalOffice 2016. Platform issues were published in March of 2015 on Facebook. See details noted in (2014) timeline posts titled Notice to the Public and Public Interest to learn about issues keeping progress from getting established here in the U.S. over the past five decades ongoing. Current posts (2015) detail domestic and international policies which may or may not include current agendas set in motion by the two party system. I am seeking Equal Access, Equal Representation, and Justice based on Constitutional Rights & Civil Rights which have been repeatedly violated and denied this citizen. I offer the opportunity for investment in a new competitive & alternative transportation industry. A new commercial civilian and military infrastructure can be established based on a new form of a crossover design created in 1964. This can help to establish a new labor force with a higher competitive labor wage to offset the current monopoly control on labor by established corporations in the U.S. Several legislative concerns need to be addressed which no other candidate has interest in or motivation to make such issues a focus of Congress. We need to address the current Patent / Copyright laws, and we need to implement legislation for an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for the addition of a 3rd Party Independent to split up delegate votes and establish positive representation at the polls. Visit my Timeline and learn more about a voice silenced (5) decades ongoing. [ ]

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